Website Links
Thank you for visiting our site! Here are some other sites we recommend. Due to the diversity of the Messianic Jewish movement, we may not agree with all of the links provided. We are providing them so you may research the information for yourself. As with all information, we encourage you to be a student of the Torah and study the information for yourself along with prayer, as you visit any of these links.

Davka Software
Offers many different programs, from learning Hebrew to Hebrew word processing programs.

Excellent resource for traditional Jewish texts and commentaries. They have excellent Interlinear texts of the Torah available.

TES Software
Another good source for Hebrew software. Everything from learning Hebrew to Torah study resourses.

Messianic Times Newspaper
An excellent paper for those that want to keep up with what is happening in the Messianic Jewish movement worldwide.

Jerusalem Post
Excellent source of news directly from the land of Israel..

Arutz Sheva
Another excellent source of news from the land of Israel.

Leder Messianic Jewish Publications
Excellent place to shop for anything from candles to talits.

First Fruits of  Zion
Excellent resource for study, covering many subjects. image

The Source for Everything Jewish
A wonderful resource if you are interested in high quality Judaica.